Weeding Out The Stoned

NEWS: Doom Loop

August 28, 2023 Alex Grubard
Weeding Out The Stoned
NEWS: Doom Loop
Show Notes

Alex Grubard talks the Doom Loop in the cannabis industry on today's podcast. Hit it!

Weeding Out The Stoned is The Game Show of Sobriety Tests. See the show live! A pack of players on stage. All of them are high but one. Alex Grubard leads the investigation by administering ridiculous sobriety tests of America's funniest stoners to find the one sober individual and bring justice to our city by weeding out the stoned!


Weeding Out the Stoned has been described as, "the game show for potheads," by CelebStoner, "endearingly absurd," by Brooklyn Vegan and, "a good ass time," by Clerks director Kevin Smith. Philadelphia Weekly calls it one of, "The Best 4/20 Events in the United States," and Gothamist says it's one of, "The Chillest Ways to Spend 4/20 in NY and NJ." It has been featured at The New York Comedy Festival, NJ 420 Expo, The Highlarious Comedy Festival, Borscht Belt Fest, Philly Comedy Fest and more since its inception at Good Good Comedy Theatre as part of Five Dollar Comedy Week in 2015.

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