Weeding Out The Stoned

UPDATES: Upcoming Tour Dates

March 03, 2022 Alex Grubard
Weeding Out The Stoned
UPDATES: Upcoming Tour Dates
Show Notes

Here's an update on how to get tickets for the upcoming tour dates for Weeding Out The Stoned in March and April and a little about each venue.

March 3 - The Lab (Ambler, PA)
March 25 - Sesh Comedy (New York, NY)
April 2 - SModCastle (Leonardo, NJ)
April 9 - Sip Studios (Jersey City, NJ)
April 13 - Helium Comedy Club PDX (Portland, OR)
April 15 - Jewelbox Theater (Seattle, WA)
April 16 - PianoFight (San Francisco, CA)
April 18 - Elysian Theater (Los Angeles, CA)
April 20 - Helium Comedy Club PHL (Philadelphia, PA)
April 22 - Asylum NYC (New York, NY)
April 23 - Emmaus Theater (Emmaus, PA)
April 27 - Helium Comedy Club BUF (Buffalo, NY)
April 28 - Cinemapolis (Ithaca, NY)

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Weeding Out The Stoned is The Game Show of Sobriety Tests. A pack of comics enter. All of them are stoned but one. Can you figure out who the sober Narc is amongst all these stoners!

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