Weeding Out The Stoned

INTERVIEW: Zach Sims (Comedy Central)

February 21, 2022 Alex Grubard
Weeding Out The Stoned
INTERVIEW: Zach Sims (Comedy Central)
Show Notes

Zach Sims is a very funny stand-up from New Orleans who has appeared on Comedy Central and performed on The Meltdown. He currently runs a weekly show at Young Ethel's in Brooklyn, NY every Wednesday night. Zach and Grubard also were roommates back in Bushwick a decade ago. See if that history helps Grubard figure out the last time that Zach smoked weed on this episode of Weeding Out The Stoned - The Podcast.

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Weeding Out The Stoned is The Game Show of Sobriety Tests. Hosted by Alex Grubard and featured in the New York Comedy Festival, Time Out New York, Brooklyn Vegan and Philadelphia Inquirer. Phindie.com calls it, "highly entertaining," and Emerald Magazine says, "one game show promises to break the stigma of cannabis prohibition while delivering laughs - and some cool prizes too!"

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